Day Hab Issues

For the past several months, Lyn has been having some issues with day hab.

Lyn works best with one worker we'll refer to A for this post.  A is compassionate and really attempts to work with Lyn.  A and Lyn will work together to lay out a schedule for the week or the month that Lyn can refer to as an aid to reducing confusion and anxiety.  Due to A's life situation, there are additional demands on A's time and she's not always at day hab.  When A's not there, day hab employee B will cover for A.

B is the relative of the owner and appears to just be filling a position.  B will chastise Lyn for not signing in or out when she arrives or departs.  B will not address the topic with Mom who would be the one to sign Lyn in or out.  B routinely refuses to honor the schedule and will tell Lyn "I just don't want to."  If Lyn doesn't want to do what B wants, B chastises her which upsets Lyn.  The day hab policy is stated that it is the client's choice and if the client doesn't want to do something or go somewhere, there's enough staff to accommodate the client's desires.

Repeated attempts to resolve the issues have failed.  The owner of the facility paid lip service, saying that they "...understand the Ald-himer mind..." and that "...(day hab) accommodates the client's needs."  The owner denied that there was any cause for concern and claimed that Lyn was learning new skills weekly.  He also stated that Lyn's behavior at day hab was very different than what Lyn's behavior is at home.

Nothing has changes and B is escalating her actions towards Lyn.  When B is in charge of Lyn's care, Lyn comes home in tears.  She's now actively asking to stay home if she thinks that it is a B day.  Mom has decided that sending Lyn on those days is not worth the agony.  Lyn is now only going on days they can confirm that A will be there.  Lyn does not need this treatment at all; none of the clients do.

Today, Mom and Lyn will visit another day hab facility.  This one is owned by the agency which provides Lyn with her case management team.  Hopefully, it will be a good fit and Lyn will transition there.


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