Loosing Weight

Lyn's weight has been high for years.  We all struggle with our weight.  Mom convinced Lyn to make some small changes such as having no more than one soda a day and she lost some weight.  We've praised her lavishly for being able to loose some weight.  However, the weight loss has increased and we think it is not about dietary or exercise changes.  We think it is the Alzheimer's.

Weight loss is actually associated with Alzheimer's.  This association has been known of since at least the late 1990s when a study reveals that weight loss "is a predictor of mortality" for Alzheimer's patients and that the "risk of weight loss tends to increase with severity and progression" of the disease.  Two years later, there were several hypothesis for why the patients shed weight but no definitive answers.  A study released this year indicates that the build up of amyloid-beta interferes with the hypothalamus's ability to respond to the hormone leptin.

Lyn's visit to the doctor for the current infection indicates that she's lost 7 lbs since her last visit 2 weeks ago.  Prior to that, I believe the weight loss from her physical in August indicated 12 lbs lost.  In short, she's lost 19 lbs in under 2 months.  The soda reduction was months ago.  She's not exercising more either.  Her appetite has dropped noticeably however and that is also part of the disease.

Mom and I are concerned because the weight dropping quickly can increase the chances of Lyn taking a fall.  It also reduces the body's ability to fight infections.


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