Not Big Hungry

Lyn's verbal skills have slipped since I saw her just last month.  She's transposing words more frequently.  She knows what she's wanting to say and the words she's saying make sense to her.  However, it is taking a few minutes to figure out what she means more.

Earlier this week, she announced she was ready for dinner by saying "I'm getting hungry but not big hungry."  When she was finished, she stated "I done eaten finish all."  Mom tries to not openly laugh because it upsets Lyn but sometimes, her speech pattern is amusing.

During an episode of Maury, she said very emphatically "That's totally inappropriated!"  Mom struggled to not laugh at that one.

When she was 7, she was only about 2 years into verbal communication and she did much the same thing.  I remember serving as her interpreter whenever we were together which was constantly unless we were in school.  Even Mom needed me to translate.  Now, I suspect Mom will have to translate for me because she's with Lyn much more than anyone else.


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