The Ears Have It

On Sunday, Lyn started off the day well and then suddenly put her head against a wall and started crying.  "I just hurt" she sobbed.  Mom asked a few quick questions and assessed Lyn's behavior and responses.  She determined it was time to get Lyn to a doctor.  Lyn's physician's office was closed for the long weekend and Mom knew she'd be lucky to get Lyn in first thing Tuesday morning.  That was too long of a wait.  Off they went to urgent care.

Once they were checked in and seated in an exam room, a doctor came in and reviewed Lyn's symptoms verbally.  "I think she's just got a cold." He advised Mom while showing reluctance to go much further.  Mom explained that Lyn gets a different set of symptoms when get gets a cold and those include a fever.  She wasn't running a fever and everything Mom was observing indicated to her that Lyn was struggling with either a sinus infection or an ear infection.  Both can hit her hard and fast because she doesn't recognize when she's starting to feel poorly; just when it is really bad.

The doctor listened to Mom's counter points and moved forward to examine Lyn.  He started with the usual and listened to her lungs and heart.  He then checked her throat and up her nose.  He stopped when he got to her ears.  She has an ear infection again.  He acknowledged that Mom was "on top of things" and knew what she was observing.

Lyn's now on an antibiotic to help her fight the infection.  She's allergic to amoxicillin and the doctor didn't contest the request to make sure the drug he prescribed wouldn't cause an allergic reaction in her.  After the visit with the doctor, Mom and Lyn returned home where Lyn slept through the rest of the day.  She's on the mend and was able to walk around the bio park the next day for a while.


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