A Snow Day

At the end of last week, Mom and Lyn woke up to falling snow.  When Lyn came down the hall after waking up, she announced "I think we should stay put today."  The roads were clear but Lyn wasn't at all interested in heading anywhere.  She didn't want to go to day hab.  She didn't want to run errands. She didn't want to even get dressed.  She's never turned down an opportunity to go out that we can remember.

When Mom suggested driving would be fine, Lyn countered with "No.  Let's not take a chance."  Lyn decided it was a day to stay put and declared it a pajama day.

Mom said her persona was entirely different that morning.  She ate breakfast, wrapped her robe around herself and settled in with the dog.  "I am comfortable."  The day was spent in small pursuits and she was content.


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