Corporate Follow Up

Mom came home from picking Lyn up yesterday afternoon and found a message waiting for them.  A person had called about "the claim that has been filed."  Once Mom realized that the person who called had identified the parent company of the restaurant where Lyn was burned by coffee this weekend she called back.

She identified herself and that she is Lyn's legal guardian.  She asked how she could help because as far as she knew no claim had been filed.  It turns out that when an accident happens at the restaurant, management is required to notify the headquarters.  Headquarters then initiates what they call "a claim" to collect information and prepare for any potential law suit.  The person initiating the call about the claim didn't even have a brief sketch of events.

Mom conveyed the sequence of events as she knew them.  Mom let the representative from headquarters know that pictures were taken and an incident report was filed.  Mom confirmed that all of that was necessary, state mandated reporting that happens when anything happens to an individual covered by New Mexico's DD Waiver program.  Mom highlighted the poor response by the waitress who caused the burn and praised the actions of the young woman who had been bussing the tables.  She encouraged them to promote the young woman.

It was agreed that no law suit was necessary.  The burn was minor and did not blister.  Lyn did not need medical attention.  The day of the accident, the manager had offered to have the restaurant pay for Lyn's medical care if she needed to be seen.  Mom was surprised by the follow up call, having considered the steps of the young woman and management to have addressed the situation at the time.

The representative from the headquarters apologized again and offered to send a gift certificate in the hopes they will return as customers, even if it is to a different location.  Mom asked that any gift certificate be sent directly to Lyn because she was the one involved and because she loves opening mail which comes in her name.

Lyn was so excited to learn she's receiving a gift card, she called me to tell me right after she finished dinner.


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