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Over the weekend, I was contacted by a vendor on Amazon offering to send me a brain health related product for me to try and review.  I don't intend to profit off this blog.  The readership is small and mostly personal.  Even if it were larger, I've never considered even placing adds on Dementia Be Damned.  When I link to resources, I try very hard to find resources which are freely available to you and to limit anything that's behind a pay wall.  That approach as been in place since the day Mom and I decided to start DBD.

To that end, let me assure you that I won't be accepting products for me to try out and review.  It goes against the approach we've decided to take here and, I'm afraid, it would be misleading to you.  Let's be honest.  The topics of DBD are my sister's life and Alzheimer's.  If I were to review a product that claims to improve brain health, what could I say about it?  Is the product's producer going to provide me with their test data from reputable labs which show beneficial results?  Are they going to pay for me to under medical tests before using their product and again after product use to determine there's a change?  Alzheimer's is a very long process.  How could we expect to have meaningful product results to review within 45 days?  How could we realistically say that this product would stave off Alzheimer's?  

My red flags started waving right away.  It sounds like a whole lot of quackery to me.  The part of the inquiry which made me giggle was where they said they had checked out DBD and all of my product reviews.  Perhaps they've found reviews I've submitted elsewhere for dresses I've purchased on-line or cooking products.  But here?  Hardly.

So to the person who inquired and for any who may think that DBD is a good place to hawk their goods or have DBD provide reviews on their site, I assure you, I'm not interested.  


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