Circus Sunday

The circus was in town on Sunday and the Shriners generously sent Lyn tickets. 

She was excited to attend and enjoyed the spectacle.  She enjoyed the trapeze artists and giggled over the antics of the clowns, especially the one who kicked another in the backside.  She still loves the motorcycles in the metal cage as well.  She was most impressed with the aerial artist dressed as Spiderman.  

I know she doesn't look thrilled by these pictures.  She just doesn't know what to do with her face anymore during a picture.  When she spoke to me on Skype after they got home, she was full of smiles and laughter.  Her expression was soft and her eyes light.  

She was actually very excited to show me her program which is also a coloring book.  This impressed her.  

Thank you again to the Shriners for sending her tickets.  You have once again delighted her and we greatly appreciate your generosity. 


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