A Welcome Laugh

I called to check on Mom and Lyn the other night.  Mom and I were merrily chatting away and I could hear Lyn grumbling in the background.  Mom asked if Lyn wanted to talk to me.  She did not.  She wasn't interested in it at all.  The grumbling increased in volume but she wandered away.  A few minutes later, Lyn comes back and loudly proclaims "I guess I should speak with her."  Her voice was dripping disgust and obligation.  I was clearly an imposition.  Mom and I burst out laughing.

Lyn cheerily asked how I was and how my kid are doing.  If I hadn't heard her her before she took the phone, I would have thought she was eager and interested in the conversation.  I knew she wasn't into it and let her off the hook pretty quickly.  She walked off grumbling some more.

Mom and I picked up our conversation and discussed the various upcoming doctor appointments.  Lyn's having a follow up on her hearing tests.  We don't know if Lyn needs to see an ENT or not.  The tests say her hearing is in a normal range.  Her behavior indicates it is not.  Is she actually able to ear and is not able to process it?  Would a hearing aid be needed or would it even make a difference?  If she got a hearing aid, would she be able to deal with learning how to handle it?  These are the questions we have.

Lyn heard "ENT" and loudly corrected us.  "I don't want to see an ENT!  I want to be seen by an EMT!"  When Mom and I could stop laughing we agreed with her; being seen by an EMT would be more interesting.

After our call ended, I received an email from Mom.  It was an apology as mandated by Lyn.  Lyn was convinced that Mom was laughing at me because I had slipped on ice earlier in the day and had fallen.  Lyn was angry with Mom for being mean to me.  It is a good thing that Lyn can't read.  She was satisfied Mom sent the apology while not knowing we both got a good laugh out of the whole series of events.


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