Sudden On-Set

On Thursday, Lyn had a follow up with her physician regarding the hearing test.  The audiologist had not really explained things well and Mom wanted an opinion about seeing an ENT.  During the visit, Lyn's ears were checked twice with an otoscope and they looked fine.  Before they left the office, the doctor's staff called and arranged an appointment with the ENT.

An hour later, Mom and Lyn were finishing up an early dinner at one of Lyn's favorite restaurants when Lyn's behavior suddenly changed.  She grew very agitated and looked out the windows, seeming to check the level of light and time of day.  Mom could tell Lyn's agitation was high and quickly wrapped up the meal so they could depart.  Lyn tried to remain calm but burst into tears as they were resolving the bill.    The restaurant staff were immediately concerned  and Mom assured them that Lyn would be OK.

They got home and Lyn resigned for the night early  Waking about 2 hours later complaining of her head hurting  and sobbing again.  When at the restaurant, Mom thought Lyn's behavior change was a result of Sundowner's anxiety.  At this point, she suspected the behavior change was the result of a sudden infection.  By morning, it was painfully obvious that Lyn needed to be seen and Mom allied the physician's office.  Without a same day appointment available, Mom ended up having to take her to Urgent Care where it was found the had a raging double ear infection and the beginnings of a sinus infection.

The urgent care physician was able to access and review the physician's notes from the visit which happened less than 24 hours before.  She was surprised by the speed with which the infection hit.  Lyn was able to tell them that she had cried at the restaurant because of the pain in her ears but that she was confused by the pain.

She's on antibiotics and recovering now.  Her illnesses are going to come more frequently as her immune system is less and less able to respond to viruses and bacteria.


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