Unexpected Excitement

Lyn was ready to fold up yesterday afternoon by 3:30.  She was in her room contemplating getting a bath when she came rushing out with a panicked expression.  "Mom!  I hear something strange!"  Mom asked her what she heard and where she heard it, thinking she may have been having an auditory hallucination or not processing a legitimate sound well.

Lyn led Mom to the door of the closet where the furnace sits.  It is between Lyn's room and the garage.  Mom opened the door to check for the sound and discovered a bird.  Lyn was hearing strange sounds.  Mom was unable to catch the bird and called her brother for help.  Knowing our Uncle was on his way, Lyn decided she had to stay up to see him.

He arrived a short time later and discovered not one; but two birds in the furnace room.  They had come down the flue.  He put a plan in place and set about catching the birds to release them.

While he was working Lyn hid in the kitchen.  She didn't want to even see the birds.  Mom says her expression was still one of a lot of fear.  When our Uncle caught one bird in his hat, he couldn't show it to Lyn without risking the bird getting away.  That one was quickly taken outside and released.  The second bird had backed itself in a tight spot and was able to be caught with just his hand.  He asked Lyn if she wanted to see the bird.  She did not.  Thinking she might be worried that the bird was injured, Mom tried assuring her the bird was fine and it was OK to look if she wanted.  She did not.  A moment later, that bird was also released and flying outside.

Our Uncle will return later in the week to put up some wiring around the flue which will keep the birds out.  Shortly after he left, Lyn was bathed and ready for bed.


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