The Surly and the Good

On Sunday, Lyn was out with her respite provider.  They're working together again.  They had stopped for a late breakfast.  The restaurant was busy as can be expected on a Sunday morning.  Part way through their meal, Lyn suddenly jumps and says "Ow!  That burns!"

A waitress had just walked by with a pot of coffee.  Lyn had coffee down the back of her neck.  The waitress was careless and had the coffee pot tipped so far she was spilling it as she walked.  Several people witnessed the incident, phones were pulled out and pictures taken.  The waitress grumbled a half-hearted and surly "sorry" and stalked away.  A moment later the young woman who was bussing tables came over to check on Lyn.  She brought an ice pack.  After checking on Lyn, she notified the manager of the accident.

The manager and the General Manager both came over to apologize.  They brought some first aid spray which was applied to the burn.  It was a minor burn that was more red from the ice at that point than from the coffee.  Fortunately, Lyn was wearing a hoodie and her hoodie took the majority of the coffee.  They offered to pay for the hoodie to be professionally cleaned.

Lyn's respite provider notified Mom within a few minutes of the incident happening.  She also notified Lyn's case manager.  They were able to finish their breakfast but the incident cut short their plans for the day.  The respite provider had to fill out an incident report and Lyn was no longer interested in going out.

Mom was ready with the aloe the moment they walked in the door.  By the time I Skyped with them in the afternoon, Lyn was settled and happy.  The burn was nothing more than an inconvenient episode earlier in the morning.  It could have been worse.  I think the behavior of the waitress was a bigger offense than the accident.  Fortunately, the young woman who had been bussing tables stepped in to help.


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