Valentine's Dinner

When Lyn was still working, her manager at Wendy's was a major factor of Lyn's work day.  She kept an eye out for Lyn.  She was firm but fair, demanding that the job be done properly every time.  Lyn adored her.

Somewhere along the way, it became known that Mom was a baker and the manager made sure that Mom knew her favorite cookie.  A couple times a year, Mom would whip up a batch of peanut butter cookies and send them in with Lyn.  It was always a happy day for the manager when a batch of cookies were delivered.  When Lyn stopped working, Mom promised to still deliver cookies from time to time.

The manager eventually retired from Wendy's.  She and her wife decided to open a car repair shop.  It was something she had wanted to do for a long time.  Mom was delighted to find out about their business.  She's got a trusted place to take her car and knows right where to deliver the cookies.  The friendship which was started over burgers and fries continues.

Mom and Lyn hosted the manager and her wife for an early dinner on Saturday.  Lyn was SO excited!  She had been looking forward to it for days.  Mom made lasagne and apple cake.  Both are family favorites.  My little one says Grandma's "pasagna" is the best.  Nikka decided she loved the ladies and went from one to the other for belly rubs.

Through it all, Lyn was happy and relaxed.


  1. It was such a pleasure to be Lyn's and her mother's guest for dinner and the Lasagna and Apple Cake (with a surprise in it) were fabulous! We had such a great time and really enjoyed the conversations, great company and super dinner! Nikka is such a lover when it comes to getting a belly rub. We thank you so much for having us as your guests. Next time it will be warm enough for maybe a BBQ picnic in the park.

    1. They were so glad you both came to dinner! I'm glad the evening went well. Nikka is a great dog and has more than earned every belly rub she gets.


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