Come Here

My siblings were born in Italy while my father was stationed there for four years.  My parents lived on the economy, renting an apartment above the cheese shop.  They learned Italian and integrated into the community.  As a result, Mom integrated some of what she learned in Italy into her every day life.  

Her cooking was clearly influenced by what she learned in Italy.  So was some of her speech.  Many of her verbal corrections to us were in Italian.  If she'd had enough of our antics, we'd hear "Basta!"  If she wanted us to come right now, we were likely to hear "Vieni qui!"  If we were really in trouble, we'd hear the Italian versions of our full names.  Oddly, I think I've heard my name growled this way than my sister's.  Surely, that's not an accurate memory.

All of us say these phrases from our childhood to some degree or another.  My kids hate when I bark out a quick "Basta!" but they know what it means and it is a heck of a lot faster than saying "That's enough."  Even Lyn uses "Basta" and "Vieni qui" from time to time.

Her ability to pronounce words is declining noticeably again.  It seems like she's mispronouncing words that are larger than 2 syllables.  We're catching it in nearly every conversation now but context and anticipating what she's trying to convey glosses over a lot for us.  If something is out of context or is just stand alone word or phrase and we'll struggle to guess what's she's saying until we determine what the new pronunciation is meant to convey.

We've now learned that "Pity Paw!" means "Vieni qui!"  As she's loosing her language skills, we're learning new ones.


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