A Slow Recovery

Lyn stayed home most of last week.  She was struggling to recover from her double ear and sinus infections.  Illness is hard for her to shake these days.  It also makes it difficult for her to think.  This is common when an Alzheimer's patient is sick.  Their skills and processing take a back seat as their bodies work against the illness.  As a result, illness often brings substantial and noticeable differences from which the individual may not recover.

She's listless and not showing interest in things.  Nikka is still lavished with attention but she pretty much ignored our uncle when he came for a visit the other day.  She's not wanted to go to day hab this week.  She's not wanted to go out at all if the weather is even slightly off.

She even forgot she had more than one set of pajamas.  She came into the living room wearing a pair of pajamas she had worn for a full day.  When Mom suggested she change into clean clothes, Lyn commented that she had forgotten she had more.

As she recovers, she may perk up a bit.  Let's hope.


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