My brother called Mom earlier this week and let her know that he'd be in town for a couple of hours and would like to visit.  He's a long-haul trucker and has rarely been in town since he left home after high school.  Mom jumped at the chance to see him.

After making his delivery, he called and she picked him up from the truck stop.  They came to the house so he could finally see it before they all went out to breakfast.  As he walked in Nikka barked and insisted on inspecting him.  After a few seconds, she decided he was an acceptable guest and wagged so hard she beat him with her tail.  Lyn was a different story, however.

Lyn was indifferent to him.  She didn't want to hug him or even verbally engage with him.  During breakfast, she sat across from him but made no attempt to join the conversation.  Unlike her usual self, she only uttered a few sentences.  When they dropped him back at his semi, she said "Love you" and then said nothing more to or about him all day.

Mom's sure Lyn knew who he was but... she definitely wasn't acting like she really knew him and she wasn't her usual flirty self.

The next morning, while petting Nikka, Lyn commented "I am surprised how good Nikka was with the boys."  Mom asked her "When?"  Lyn responded with "Yesterday."  Mom didn't correct Lyn or point out that Nikka was good with her brother; not the nephews.

A little while later, on the way to day hab, Lyn watched 4 hot air balloons and commented "Boy, they are really high.  It was nice to see (our brother).  Is it cold in that balloon?"  So, the amusing non-sequiter reveals that at some level, she did recognize him.


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