She Moved

After several years living next door, the lovely neighbor has moved back to Texas to live with her daughter.  She became a significant part of the lives of Mom and Lyn, frequently joining them on forays into town or when they went out to dinner.  Many times, Lyn would advise the two older ladies that they needed to stay out of trouble.  The lovely neighbor was always kind to Lyn and would quietly giggle or share a look with Mom when Lyn chastised them.  She was an observant lady who saw the changes in Lyn first-hand and recently remarked that they were coming more quickly these days.

During her last week in town, Lyn was particularly down.  She didn't want to go out or do much of anything.  In all honesty, I think she was detaching emotionally.  When the day rolled around for Mom to drop the lovely neighbor at the airport, Lyn didn't even really react when she got out of the car and told Lyn to "Have a good day at day hab" in lieu of a good bye.

As far as I know, Lyn's not mentioned her since she returned to Texas.  The same happened with Lyn's case manager when she returned to Montana.  It seems that they're just gone from her version of the world.  It is kind of sad in one way.  On the other hand, she's not sitting, missing them or being upset that they're not there.


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