Auditory Follow Up

In the middle of last week, Lyn had a follow up appointment with an ENT regarding the hearing loss in her left ear.  The doctor was kind and really listened.  He checked her ears and reviewed the results of the recent hearing tests.  He also read the notes from the audiologist and Lyn's primary care physician.

While noting that Lyn is intellectually disabled, he was surprised at the diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer's.  He does not believe the hearing loss is in any way related to Alzheimer's and felt that such a loss would be rare and manifest first in the other ear.  He also does not believe that her hearing loss is the result of a sinus or ear infection and indicated there was no fluid built up behind her ear drum.

He suspects that at some point over the winter she had a virus that led to the hearing loss.  At this point, she doesn't appear to have an active infection which would cause the problem.  She's been treated for the previous sinus and ear infections which were bacterial based and those are fully resolved.  There's really nothing more that can be done.  Her hearing loss may be permanent.


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