Because There is Beauty

For some reason, the phrase "because there is beauty" has been stuck in my head all day.  Perhaps it is just that the snow is finally starting to melt and the sun is still up during my drive home.  Perhaps it is because of the cardinal I watched defending his realm from the competitors he kept finding in the side mirrors of the cars at the office.  Perhaps it is the result of a day that was sunny and warm enough that the bees could fly, leaving the marks of their passage all over my car.  While no early flowers have yet raised their faces to the sky, Spring is slipping in on dripping wet feet.

Winter finally seems to be letting go and I know that in just a few months, we'll be able to fly out to NM to spend some time with Mom and Lyn.  Lyn knows it too.  She's already started her list of things for us to do in our annual visit.  I'm afraid that her list is already longer than we have days.  That just gives us options from which to choose.

Though work is busy and intense right now and though we still have the last few months of school to get through, I can tell that we're starting to look forward, yearning for the days of summer vacation when we can laugh over a plate of sopapillas or Mom's lasagne.


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