Dietary Advice

It is the time of year when I see a couple of my doctors for annual follow-ups.  It is a thrilling time, let me assure you.  I've got a couple of chronic health issues that have to be checked on but that I'm able to manage pretty well on my own.  (Thanks genetics!)  The tests typically come back saying much the same thing each time.  My white blood cell count is stunningly low but within my well documented range.  My thyroid will always need support and the rest of my counts are great... until now.  My weight has always been a challenge for me and carrying the extra load has caught up to me.  I've just, just crossed over into a pre-diabetic state.  So, time to get back to trying to drop some weight.  I've been advised to follow a low carb diet.

When Mom and I speak, Lyn is frequently involved.  She knows that I'm working to loose weight and that my doctor has advised a dietary change.  She knows that I'm planning to schedule time with a nutritionist who can help me balance my needs with my husband's dietary restrictions.  Lyn figured she had the answer for me and decided to dole out her dietary advice.

"Ok.  What you should do is eat this one day and then eat that the next day.  That should work for your husband, too!"

I had to cover my mouth to keep her from seeing me smothering a giggle.  I thanked her for her great advice and assured her I would share it with my husband.

"That's how I lost weight!"

She's lost another four pounds this month without dietary or exercise changes.  I won't tell her that her weight loss is anything other than her "eating this one day and that the next."


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