Prepping for the Dentist

Lyn's dental cleaning has been delayed several times recently.  The changes necessitate additional prep work.

The first time it was rescheduled, the hygienist who has worked with her for several years was out that day.  The next reschedule was a result of nine inches of snow that fell the night before the appointment.  In rescheduling, Mom learned that they hygienist who Lyn was most familiar with is gone from the practice.  Had they been able to keep the appointment, Lyn would have had a challenging time because she would not have been able to adjust on the spot to working with someone new.  

For the past two weeks, Mom's been talking with Lyn about working with the new hygienist.  She's gone over the previously written social story to reinforce that the procedure would be the same; just with a new hygienist.  Each day, Lyn asks why she has to work with the new hygienist.  They've been working on her name so that Lyn feels more comfortable.  

The reminder call came in and Mom was informed that the new hygienist was unavailable and Lyn had been scheduled with a third hygienist.  There wasn't enough time to work through that name change.  Mom asked to be rescheduled with the second hygienist at a later date.  

The appointment is now set for Monday and Mom will continue reviewing with Lyn that she'll be seen by the second hygienist.  


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