Feeling Lost

Twice last week, Lyn cried in the evening.  The first time, she was unsettled and tired but couldn't articulate why she was crying.  She could only say that she was sad.  That's nothing new and happens frequently enough.  The second time, was a bit different.  This time, she told Mom she felt lost.

"I'm lost.  I don't know where I am."  This was repeated.

Mom assured her that she was was home and safe.  Mom let Nikka jump up on the bed and Nikka leaned into my sister.  As Lyn clung to the dog, Mom told her that Nikka was there and that they were  to take care of her (Lyn).  Mom assured Lyn that she was home because Nikka was there.

We don't know if Lyn believes her but she calmed down.  This sense of being lost is common in the Alzheimer's progression.  It is usually apparent when a person is in the later stages of the disease and may be a precursor to wandering behavior.  If she doesn't realize she's home, she may be inclined to leave and go looking for the place that feels like home to her.

According to the stages defined by the Alzheimer's Association, Lyn's transitioning from stage 5 to stage 6.  She needs help picking out clothes each day.  She can still dress herself.  She's still able to feed and bathe herself.  However, she's now having increasing difficulty identifying where she's at and is unable to recall recent events such as the hearing test which happened last month.  Her symptoms span both stages 5 and 6 which I take to be a period of transition.  This is an  inexact identification though.

Additional Information:

Alzheimer's Association - Staying Safe


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