House Book

If you've been reading DBD for a while, you may remember that Lyn has a "car book."  It is a notebook into which she's pasted pictures of places she's visited or of things that make her feel happy such as a hot air balloon.  She keeps this book in the car and takes it with her if she goes on a day trip with Mom.  When she gets anxious about being on the road or going someplace she cannot remember being before, she looks through the book and it helps her feel more calm.  We've added pictures to it over the years and try to have some pictures of sights which are very similar to a place we may be visiting.

While having this book on hand doesn't prevent her from breaking into tears, it does help and has been a good tool to have on hand.  As a result of this, Lyn is making another book she's calling her "house book."  In this second book, she's collecting pictures of things you would find around a home. For example, she cut a picture of a dining table and chairs from a magazine.

She's now forgetting words to describe objects she sees every day.  It is frustrating her.  The hope with the house book is that she'll flip through the book and point to the object that she's wanting to reference.  Asking her to find the object in the house can be an effort in futility sometimes because she's not sure where to start looking any more.  This leads to anxiety.

I foresee a time when a poster or a similar book will be needed to cover the topic of food.

I'm not sure who thought of the house book.  I think is it a great idea!  If it lets her communicate a little more easily, then the book serves its purpose as a tool.


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