Conversations with Lyn are full of caveats and interjections.  She has a hard time keeping track of what she's saying and uses them as fillers while she's scrambling to figure out how to finish a sentence or convey a thought.  Skype doesn't allow me to clearly capture this but my cell phone proves useful when I'm with her.  The problem is that she'll usually make the best comments or examples of what I'm looking for after I stop recording.  Ah well.  We don't have cameras following her 24/7.

There are increasing occurrances of phrases like "What I mean is...", "Let me just say...", "The other month...", "You go that way and ...".  I just heard her say "I know..." six times in trying to make a single sentence to my husband.  She used to be good at conveying directions and letting you know where something is located.  She no longer has any clue.  If she had ever driven, I would seriously worry and have to take away her keys.  Fortunately, we're not faced with that.

Her hand movements are also greatly reduced in variety.  She will use a single finger point.  She will cross her fingers to signify a quote.  Most commonly, she uses a flattened hand with somewhat played fingers.  There's not much else.

Here's just a small example.  Her point was that she had done a good job on making a list for us to consider.


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