Postcards Part 3

While out at the beach over a recent weekend, I picked up two postcards.  One is for Lyn.  The other is for Mom.  They arrived on the same day last week.  Lyn was excited to see a postcard.  That quickly changed when she realized the second card was not for her.  She really didn't say much but her expression conveyed displeasure 

The card I sent Mom had a picture of two naked toddlers on the beach with their backs to the camera.  One child was seated and one was standing.  The standing child's rear was covered by two strategically placed sand dollars.  The card said something about finally having found a nude beach.  Mom read the card to her and then had to explain what it meant.  Lyn was not happy.  She turned on her heel, as much as se can these days, and stomped off to her room.


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