Deciding What to Do

After returning from the ranch, Lyn wanted to make sure we decided what we were going to do during our visit.  She had been preparing her list over the past several months.

As we helped her identify each word, she would return to the top of the list and started over.  Her letter formation is still very good.  She's only able to print in all capital letters, but it is completely ledgible.  She's no longer able to read or sound out the words she wrote.  She's also not able to write anything without someone spelling out each letter to her.  If you say the letter, she can print it.

It took a while, but we got through the full list.  Tons of repitition occurred but she felt like we had come to a workable consensus.  We didn't have to call in my husband to help negotiate if she was unhappy.   We now have a plan for the week and she's content.


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