Postcards Part 2

Lyn received another postcard last week.  This one was from a former neighbor who visited with Mom and Lyn on a very regular basis.  Lyn liked this neighbor.

When the card arrived, Lyn insisted it was from me.  The sender had printed everything to try to make it easier for Lyn to read.  Mom showed Lyn the name and asked if it was from me and Lyn insisted repeatedly that it was.  Mom tried comparing the writing and the names on this card with a post card Lyn had previously received from me.  Again, Lyn insisted they were both from me.  She was unable to read the words or recognize the differences in names, spellings or handwriting styles.

Mom explained it was from the neighbor who had moved away.  "Oh, yeah."  Lyn responded.  However, from the blank look in her eyes, Mom could tell that Lyn had no idea to who Mom referred.  Mom referenced the little dog the neighbor owned and got an "I know" but could again tell she had no idea and was covering.  Mom pointed out the house they used to live in and said it was nice for the neighbor to send Lyn a post card.

Lyn was surprised!  "She did?!"


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