Duck Pond Portraits

On Sunday, we met up with a friend of Mom's at the duck pond on the campus of UNM.  It is a quiet spot on the edge of campus which is frequently used by people getting portraits made.

He had offered to take some family portraits and we gladly accepted.  He had done some for us two years ago and indicated that he thought updated ones were in order.  It is amazing how much kids can grow and change in two years.  Two years ago, my eldest was shorter than me.  Now, the kid is at least as tall as his father if not taller.

It was a lovely morning and we found him quickly and easily.  Lyn brought her cane, knowing we would be stepping off the sidewalks.

We posed for pictures at the top of a rock strewn hill.  There were pines and cottonwoods providing ample shade.  The hardest part of this portrait session was ignoring the humming birds which flitted between the branches around us.  We had to keep reminding Lyn to look at the camera because the movement of a bird would distract her.  From there, we moved over the bridge to change the background.  That area was festooned with sparrows.

The photographer is familiar with Lyn and was able to get her engaged.  The best smile of the day came when he askeed to take pictures of her by herself.

He asked her to stand by a bench, knowing she was a little unstable.  She picked her pose and turned on the charm.

I had to chuckle to myself because she was clearly doing some of the balance issues for effect.  How do I know?  As we headed back to our cars, I watched how she used her cane when she thought no one was looking.

Yeah, she can be a stinker.  


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