Visiting 7MSN

When someone tells you that they live 7 Miles South of Nowhere, you need to believe them.  They are speaking truth.  When they offer to email you directions from the airport and to meet you at a certain mile marker, don't blithely respond that you'll have your cell phones and can use a mapping app to get there.  You'll just hear giggles.  There are places in this world that are on a map but have no service and no formal address.  Our adventure on Saturday took us miles down a dirt road and over a condemned bridge to just such a location.

The condemned bridge in the middle of nowhere

I've read the 7MSN blog for years now and have loved the pictures and stories the author tells about her herd and her life living amongst the swallows and antelope.  I have admired her resourceful approach to problems and her appreciation for the beauty which surrounds her home.  

We were honored to receive an invitation to drive out and meet her and the herd if we felt Lyn was up for it.  With the help of a bit of chemistry and preplanned timing, we felt such a visit was possible.  We agreed to meet at the side of the road at 11, have lunch together, meet the herd and head out by early afternoon.  From our perspective, the visit was a great success!  Our hostess was gracious and patient.  She laughed with us and guided us through the interactions with her herd.

George, Carson and Lucy
Mom and Lyn meet Alan

Her dog, horse and donkeys all allowed us to love on them.  Her horse, Hank, decided my husband was a good scratching post.  George backed into me and pinned me against Alan to demand I scratch his butt.

Lucy is saddle trained.  Carson saddled her so we could ride around the corral.  Lyn decided she didn't want to try riding, saying "My riding days are over."  Lucy was fine with the idea of riding as long as the person on her back weighed less than 60 lbs.  She was perfectly coorperative and gave rides to my little one.  When I tried to climb up, she moaned.  Moaned!  I realize I'm carrying a few more pounds than I like but one could have some seriously wounded pride when a donkey objects to you being there.  All my kind words about how beautiful she is would not move her.  She didn't verbally object to my husband but she also wouldn't move for him either.  We respected her opinions on the matter and quickly got down.  Her house, her rules, afterall.

To make amends, we offered up sliced watermelon and apples.

Lucy and Hank demand offerings

George, Alan and Lucy are lined up and ready

Those lips!

Hank is eager for melon
Our attempts to make amends were greedily accepted.  Those faces were all saying "GIVE ME IT!"  Hank got to lick the bowl clean because he's the head of the herd.  My hand got washed too in the process.

Smooch, Carson's dog, was a complete love.  She barked at us when we arrived but quickly accepted our presence in her space.  She was playful, happy and gentle, allowing each of us to love on her.  At one point, she put her paws on the bench Lyn was sitting on and tried to stretch up to give her a kiss.  We brought her a toy which she gleefully tossed about.  Smooched lives up to her name, offering kisses.

A few hours after meeting up at the designated mile marker, Lyn was clear that it was time to go.  We said our good byes, promised to visit again and started on our way back to town.  I'm SO glad Carson and I connected through her blog.  She's a lovely lady!  Her herd were all so sweet.  We felt welcomed from the moment we opened our car door.  Here's hoping to another visit when we come out next year!

Thank you so much for opening your gate to us, Carson!  It was a good day for us and we hope you enjoyed our crazy little family too.


  1. We all loved having you here and look forward to a new annual tradition!


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