The Games that We Play

Lyn loves games.  She always has.  I cannot convey just how many hours I have spent playing Uno because she wanted to and she was good at it.  I came to hate the game and would actively refuse to play it for about a decade.

When we visit, Lyn still likes to play games.  It helps her pass the time and allows her to feel engaged.  We now have to walk her through each step.  If we play Old Maid (which we did), we have to help her identify the card pairs.  If we play Uno (which we did), we have to ask her for the type of cards she can play.  "Do you have a blue card or a seven or a wild card?"  She's able to follow the question enough that most of the time, she can pick a card from her hand or know to reach to the draw pile.

Playing games with Lyn doesn't mean the rules to the game are the same as you expect when you play with someone else.  The rules are distinctly designed now to let her win the majority of the time.  She doesn't change the rules for who wins at bowling.  The same is not true of card games.  If the purpose is to have the fewest points at the end of the round, she says the highest points holder is the winner.  At least she's consistent, the person with the highest points wins.  Knowing that, she now wins at Uno, just in a different way than when she used to.  We go along with it because we don't see a need to upset her.

When it comes to bowling, she still mops the floor with us.

Another strike!

Never doubt her bowling skills

Memory Match is tough

Animal Rummy is not her favorite


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