Postcards Part 4

Our annual visit to NM is just around the corner.  Our time with Mom and Lyn will be a bit disjointed as we won't all be staying for the same amount of time.  I think we tried to maximize how many times Mom gets to go to the airport to facilitate flights.

One of my goals for our visit is to pick up some postcards to send to her when we get back.  Yes, I know they'll be New Mexico postcards but if I'm now sending her cards from all of the places I travel, then I kind of have to send her some from NM even though she lives there, right?  It only seems like the right thing to do.

I'm very excited that one of our day trips is to visit Carson and the herd over at the 7MSN ranch!  Lyn knows we're going but she doesn't know what we have planned.  Mule riding is one the agenda!  Perhaps I'll print off a picture or two from Carson's For You page and make some postcards to send to Lyn.

Who doesn't like getting a picture of some cute asses in the mail?  :D


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