A Good Aunt

Lyn's a good Aunt to the kids.

She's loved them from the moment kids came into the picture.  She's always been gentle and playful with them.  When we visit, she's got lots of hugs and is willing to sit and listen to anything they want to tell her.  In return, she'll ask them to play a game of Uno with her.

Over the years, she's made it her habit to ask about the children every time we speak via phone or Skype.  She always wants to know where they are and what they're up to.  Some days, she asks about them generally "How are the kids?"  She'll wait for me to say their names and then latch onto them when their said.  Other days, their names come to her before she asks for them.  When she says "kids," I know she's not even sure of their gender.

She's working hard to keep them in mind and the Skype conversations allow her to catch sight of them regularly.  She's always excited to see them and happy when they speak with her.  I thing she would have not been able to maintain this connection to them without Skype.  She loves them and we'll work to maintain that for her.


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