Search for Santa

This past weekend, Lyn's respite provider took her to the Festival of Trees at the Convention Center.    They enjoy seeing all of the decorated trees which are on display and up for sale.  Santa is also a fixture at this event.  This leans that Lyn had to get a picture with him.

Lyn loves every opportunity she has to encounter Santa.  She gets so excited!

Notice her hand on his knee.  She's a bit fresh sometimes.  I can tell she was feeling flirty.  She informed me that she kissed him this year.  I acted a bit shocked and asked what Mrs. Claus thought of her kissing Santa.  She completely dismissed my question and justified the kiss with a "Well... it was free to the public!"

The other thing I notice about this picture is that her clothes are getting baggy on her.

She's happy though and she had a good day.  


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