Favorite Scene

Mom writes:

As we left the Kimo I asked her what her favorite part of the ballet was this time.

She said she had to think about it and after we headed home she came up with something.  I could tell she was really trying to think of what to answer.

There is a scene where a "woman" (looks like a man made up as a woman) comes on stage alone.  Her bonnet is ugly and her skirt is floor length with hoops at the hips that extend out at least 5 ft each side.  After dancing around a few minutes she lifts the skirt and 3 children scurry out from under.  They dance a bit, the skirt lifted and 3 more scurry out.  The next lifting lets 2 more escape and about 5 seconds later the last one comes out.  All 9 children dance a bit with mom "dancing'' behind them.   Then she lifts the enormous skirt and all scamper back under and they leave the stage.  It's cute.

Do I believe this was her favorite scene?  Not sure.  It might be that it was OR was that the only thing she could pull to the forefront of her brain?  We'll never know.


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