Mom and Lyn visited the Indian Cultural Center this weekend to view their display of gingerbread houses created by artists from various pueblos in the area.

Mom shared a few of her favorites.

I love seeing all the different ways that gingerbread can be used.  It doesn't matter to me if the artist has done a replica of an Art Deco hotel or a pueblo church, there's a an attention to detail which is lovely even though this is a short-lived medium.

I wonder how much these creations which layered sheets of gingerbread to form the land weigh.

The depiction of the Acoma mesa with the entire village perched on top is pretty accurate too.

My favorite, however, is a much smaller scale piece.  The touch of blue around the door and windows, the luminarias and the red of the ristra evoke for me the smell of home.

These are all beautiful.


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