Too Much Noise

Lyn is increasingly resistant to going to day hab.

The volume of the music is too loud for her.  She finds it physically uncomfortable and mentally exhausting.  We've asked the staff to turn it down.  It remains high and they state that the other clients like it high.

Lyn will go to the Quite Room where the volume is lower.  Unfortunately, this isolates her from the staff and the other clients.  She doesn't like to be alone.

Mom has decided to try using ear plugs on Lyn.  They're soft and easy to insert.  They're discreet and won't be as obvious as over the ear protectors.  They're also inexpensive.  If she takes them out and they get lost, it is not an issue.

Hopefully, this will ease Lyn's discomfort and allow her to continue participating with day hab for as long as possible.


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