Adapting to Technology

It is amazing to me to see that "We're living in the Future!" as a good friend of mine likes to point out.  We've seen the introduction of mobile phones and the transformation of those phones into mini, hand-held computers.  We've seen the advent of on-line banking, learning, and the proliferation of on-line shopping.

I don't know about you, but my Christmas shopping experience this year did not involve a single trip to the mall to buy a single gift.  I took full advantage of being able to shop for gifts from the comfort of my dining table with a cocktail in hand.  For some, it involved searching through multiple options on a particular gift and deciding on the right one.  For others, it was an easy decision because I already knew what I wanted to give.

When it came to Mom and Lyn, shopping for them was easy.  Mom had given me a gift option for Lyn and I knew what I wanted to give Mom.  Purchases were made and a quick call was placed, asking Mom to wrap Lyn's gifts because the vendor didn't provide that service.

While my family adapts to technology changes more quickly than Mom, I have hope that I can convince her that certain tech changes are worth the effort.  She's starting to make on-line purchases and we've facilitated some purchases on her behalf because our account has free shipping.  (We're happy to do so.)  She and Lyn have really taken to Skype.  Beyond that, they're not engaged with technology at a level that is very different than what they used in the 1990s.  That's OK.  It works for them.  They have what they need and they're happy with how they're set up.

Now... If I could just convince Mom to text...


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