Annual Ballet

Annually, the Kimo Theater is the venue for the Nutcracker Ballet.  Mom and Lyn have attended for a number of years.  Lyn loves the show.

They always get tickets for the same isle seats at the back of the theater.  There's a bit more light there than the rest of the theater and a easy escape route if Lyn should panic or need to leave for any reason.  They go to the matinee which is also chosen to ease Lyn's anxiety.

Each year's performance is a little different.  Lyn enjoys it no matter what changes are made.  Mom says she was leaning forward and smiling through the entire performance.

Before they left, Lyn had decided she was going to buy an ornament as a memento.  She's acquired a couple over the past couple of years.  This year, she bought a Clara ornament.  She was very happy with her purchase.  She offered to buy me a nutcracker, saying I could put it in front of my tree and no one would bother it.  It was a generous offer which I declined.  My tree is very full already.

She had a great day.


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