Snowed In

New Mexico is hunkered down and in the middle of a blizzard.  Interstate roads are shut down from Albuquerque to the state borders.  Some of the towns have received over two feet of snow already.  Albuquerque sits in the middle of a bowl, surrounded by mountains which have protected it from the worst of the storm.  They're snowed in, nonetheless.

They've been playing games like Bingo and Memory Match and coloring.  Day hab is closed for the next couple of days and cabin fever is already setting in.  The roads are icy and it is not wise for Lyn to be out with her respite provider.  We'll probably be talking via Skype each day to help distract her until she can be back into her daily schedule.  

In all honesty, a snowed in day in Albuquerque is not like a snowed in day in Montana or anywhere else that is experiencing a blizzard this winter.  They've received less than a foot of snow so far and they're not dealing with drifts of snow that are several feet high.  But, they're still not used to this kind of weather.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, I'm sitting here with my windows open and the thermometer sitting at 70.


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