Portable North Pole 2016

It is December and that means it is time for the return of the Portable North Pole!

Lyn got her annual video message from Santa and held her breath while watching it.

Mom sent me a couple of pictures of Lyn watching the video.

She held her breath again.  When her name was stated, Nikka's head popped up and she came over to lean against Lyn.

Mom says the video is the highlight of the season for Lyn.

I called shortly after she got it and she was so excited!

Me: How do you feel?

Her:  Happy!  Glad!  Happy!  Excited!  Yeah

Me: What made you feel this good?

Her: Every year on santa.com!  He's going to talk to me and they have a big book and a file.  He has my name and I don't know what else.  He has all the information.  I had to hit mute on the TV and Mom called me over.  And get this!  He's going to still be talking to me when Christmas comes.  He has all the information!

(She says it is from Santa.com but the videos are from portablenorthpole.com.)


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