A Dinner Request

Dinner requests are few and far between from Lyn these days.  She doesn't remember what she likes or doesn't.  She doesn't remember what she can ask for unless there is a menu with pictures for her to see.   Recently, she shout of a dish and made her request.

Lyn asked Mom if she knew how to make spaghetti.  Mom told her she was happy to make it.  It had been several weeks since they last had it.  As Mom started to serve Lyn's plate, she asked how hungry Lyn was feeling.  Lyn didn't know how hungry she was feeling.  This is a common issue with Alzheimer's patients.  Mom put a smaller than usual portion on her plate knowing that if Lyn wasn't very hungry it wouldn't be wasted and if she was, then a second helping could be given.

Lyn loves pasta.  She all but licked the plate clean and asked if there was more.  Mom asked if Lyn needed help getting more.  "All I want is more sauce because that's what I like."  Mom was caught off-guard by the reply.  Lyn served herself a large portion of just the sauce.  This was a first!

When Mom packed a portion for her lunch, Lyn asked for extra sauce as well.  Next time, she might not like the sauce.


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