No Change Yet

Lyn's been on the anti-anxiety medication now for 5 days.  It takes about two weeks for the medication to build up in her system.  During this time, she's on a very low dose and will then be bumped up to a higher maintenance dose.

She's not thrilled with the new medication.  She doesn't like the idea of having to take it every day because she doesn't like the taste of it.  Mom and I are pointing out that a Hershey Kiss takes away the taste and she can have a kiss after she takes her medicine.  We are also pointing out that sometimes we need medicine every day.  For example, all three of us have to take medication for our thyroids.  She doesn't have the concerns that many people have about needing treatment in the mental health realm.  For her, there is no stigma associated with the treatment or the need for it.    Her objection is really founded on the flavor issue.

In the short time she's been taking the medicine, we've not yet seen a change in her agitation or hostility.  On the positive side, we're also not seeing any adverse reactions.  We're hoping that we'll see her less anxious once the full dose is being administered.


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