Community Access

Mom and Lyn's team have been working to get her Community Access services.  Community Access provides direct, one-on-one outings into the community during the time when she would normally be in day hab.  These services have been approved as part of her ISP budget.  Mom had reviewed the providers available and chosen one.  Then things started to get odd.

An individual from the chosen agency started calling Mom, the folks at day hab, and members of Lyn's team seeking information.  The individual claimed that the information was needed "in case of an emergency."  The information being requested was things like a copy of Lyn's most recent mammogram and pap smear results.  All of us were caught off-guard.  If Lyn was out at a store with a service provider and there was an emergency, how would a copy of a mammogram be of ANY use?  How would they use pap smear results?  Do they ask for prostate exam results on their male clients?  If they do, how would that information help in an emergency?

The individual who was asking was not yet part of Lyn's team and everyone approached denied the information to that person.  IF that person had become part of Lyn's team, they would have then gained access to her medical information such as what medication she's on, who her medical provider is, who is the emergency contact and copies of her DNR orders.  However, this individual wasn't officially on the team and we had no indication that person would be on the team.

A meeting was scheduled to happen this morning in which Mom and Lyn would meet with representatives from the agency for interviews.  It turns out the agency had already decided Lyn would work with the individual who had been calling around.  It also turns out that the individual was not fully trained and totally jumped the gun on trying to collect medical information as well as asking for information for which they have no business having.  The director admitted to having dropped the ball on the training and chalked it up to having a toddler and having to fire two staff recently.  Upon learning this and more, Mom has terminated contact with the agency and cancelled today's meeting.

The agency didn't realize that Mom and Lyn have been on the DD Waiver long enough to know what to expect and when things are amiss.  Mom already has a second option for Community Access services being lined up.


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