Guest Bloggers

I'm not opposed to guest bloggers in theory.  However, if a guest blogger really wanted to post here, the post would have to stick to the rules I follow.

  1. Never reveal the real name of people referenced in a post.
  2. Stick to the limited scope of topics which define Dementia Be Damned.  That means either tell a true story about my sister's life or share information about research into Alzheimer's progression, treatment and prevention.
  3. If you wish to write a story about an Alzheimer's patient in your life, I will consider it if I can validate you and the story you're telling.  Trust is important on this one.  I can think of a few people who would pass this right off.  
  4. If you're writing about a treatment, don't pitch it as a cure and NEVER try to pass homeopathics, coconut oil, marijuana, psychics or other such nonsense off as a cure.  Let's talk about the stuff for which there is legitimate studies backing up your claims; not anecdotal passing of misinformation.  
  5. Dementia Be Damned is not here to give false hope.  Be realistic and honest.  Charlatans need not apply.
Sure, it would be easy to let a guest blogger post something.   Once posted, as with the way of the internet, it will be forever associated with Dementia Be Damned.  While our audience is small, I feel a commitment to them and to what we've built here over the last few years.  

Ultimately, Dementia Be Damned is my blog and my veto is in play at all time.  Heck, I veto some of my own posts and should veto some of my spelling mistakes.  

So, for those of you who would like me to let you guest blog, your cold call type of inquiry will most likely go unanswered if I even have a hint of any of the items in point four above.  That's a total non-starter for me.  If research one day proves that a cure for Alzheimer's is found in coconut oil or a distillation of some herb diluted so many times that a "memory" of it exists in the water I will issue a retraction of point 4 and my post on snake oil treatments.  Until that day, peddle your wares elsewhere.


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