Daily Meds

Part of living with Alzheimer's is to try reducing the person's stress.  When the stress is resulting from your own internal processing of your external stimuli, there's not much that can be done to reduce that stress and medication needs to be seriously considered.

Mom had wanted to avoid medication if at all possible.  However, Lyn's now struggling with her emotions on the days when she's at home doing what she wants to do with minimal stimuli.  She's miserable and that's not fair to her nor does it lead to a good quality of life for her.

We've thought about it.  We've watched her and two doctors have weighed in.  It is time for Lyn to go on a daily medication to help ease her anxiety and agitation.  We've evaluated the risks and benefits.  Her emotional state needs stability and right now the risk of a fall or something similar is relatively low.

Lyn's not able to take pills well.  She's never mastered that skill.  There is liquid medication available but that formulation is not commonly requested.  Lyn's doctor submitted a prescription to the pharmacy yesterday but it has to be ordered.  Mom will hopefully be able to pick it up today or tomorrow.  She will start Lyn on it and for two weeks, Lyn will be on a very low dose before they increase the dose a bit for the maintenance level.  Lyn will see her doctor again in four weeks to make sure that she's tolerating the medication well and that it is having the desired result.


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