SIS Review

Over the weekend, both Mom and Lyn received written notification that there will be a new Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) evaluation performed soon.  We were a bit surprised about this and wondered if it was triggered by the request to add more one-on-one community access time into her ISP.  The timing is coincidental and the two activities are not connected.  It turns out that the State mandates that the SIS evaluation be repeated every three years.

The University of New Mexico has contracted to perform the evaluations and to keep those on the disability waiver up to date on the State's requirement.  Lyn's was last done in April 2013.  So, this new evaluation is actually right on time.

The test is designed to measure what supports an individual needs for 57 different activities and in 28 behavior and/or medical areas.  When she was first evaluated in 2012, the results indicated she was at a B level and able to live independently.  One year later, the results set her at an F level.  I'm not sure if the grading scale is the same as it was 3 years ago.  Or if NM is using a scale unique to the state.  We'll find out as soon as the results are known if not before then.  It will be interesting to see a comparison of her test results from 3 years ago and what the State thinks this means for her.


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