Scatter Joy

Lyn believes with every fiber of her being that things which make her mad should be actively avoided.  We know there are some constants.  She would be mad if she saw the cocktail sitting next to me as I write this.  She would be mad if she knew my husband and I don't intend to follow her advice about our marital relations.  She would be mad if she heard someone say something about some bodily function.  However, sometimes, we don't know or anticipate just how she will react to a stimulus, especially a novel one.

A dear friend has found a way to anger Lyn and hours later, she's still mad!  She might just be mad for days over this.   My friend has long followed the blog and connected directly to Mom over the holidays.  The connection has brought laughter to all parties involved until yesterday.

Yesterday, Mom received a rather heavy package.  When she picked it up, there was no sound to indicate what was inside.  Upon opening it, she found a bag of pennies and a card which encouraged her to "scatter joy" and to dole out the pennies as she saw fit.  My friend knows of Lyn's obsession with pennies.

Lyn's eyes popped when she saw the bag of pennies.  She realized the package was addressed to Mom and it wasn't hers to claim outright.  She was not happy.  After Mom read the card, she read it out loud to Lyn and explained that the pennies are for sharing when Mom decides and with whom Mom decides.  Lyn was not happy.

Mom reached into the bag and picked out a few pennies.  Lyn was not happy but she didn't refuse them.  She took them and put them into her penny jar.  Later, she said,  "I should just take some of those and fill my jar up."  Mom responded with "I don't think so."  Lyn is not happy but knows she can't stake a claim on them if they're not addressed to her.

Mom will use them over the coming weeks and Lyn will brighten up about it.  In the meantime, Mom is getting a good laugh at the unexpected and novel nature of the package and the thoughtfulness behind it.


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