Of MRIs and Meds

Last week, Lyn had her second MRI since we began this whole Alzheimer's experience.  Lyn was highly cooperative.  The ability to hold still would have been difficult for her especially given the noise of the MRI machine.  Lyn's doctor prescribed a very mild medical assistance for Lyn which helped.  The MRI technician was very kind and personable, working well with Lyn.

While the technician provided Mom with a copy of the MRI on CD, it will be a few days before Lyn's physician will have the results.  Mom will hear the results in a couple of weeks when they have a follow up with the physician to check on how Lyn's tolerating the anti-anxiety medication.  They decided to just handle both topics in a single consultation.

As for the meds, Lyn's tolerating them very well.  She claims that they are not working and that she notices no difference.  Mom reports that she noticed a difference in Lyn's moods about mid-week this past week.  Lyn is less emotionally reactive and more stabile.  She's not quite as argumentative as she has been.  On Saturday, when we had our Skype conversation, Lyn was exhausted.  She had been out with her respite provider for about 7 hours.  She had eaten and was ready to fold.  However, she participated in the conversation and wasn't hostile.  She went for her bath and Mom and I both expected tears.  I never saw any.  Perhaps she cried after we ended the call, but she maintained a calm but tired demeanor during the conversation.

I agree that the meds are working as intended.


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