Easter Dinner

Mom invited one of her brothers over for Easter dinner this weekend.  Yesterday, Lyn's speech therapist paid her regularly scheduled visit and asked about their holiday.  Lyn struggles to explain relationships between people.  So, to convey her thought to her speech therapist she explained "One of her (Mom's) brothers and his guest came to eat."

Mom prompted Lyn to identify our uncle.  She did that correctly.

"So who was his guest?"  Lyn stated our Aunt's name correctly.   She didn't use the title of "Aunt" because our aunt joined the family when we were adults and titles were no longer enforced.  When we speak about or to our uncle, we still precede his name by the title "Uncle" out of lifelong habit.  The presence or absence of the title has nothing to do with our love and respect for them.

Lyn identifies his "guest" by her name and the speech therapist has no context until Lyn helpfully explains "They're married."


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