Family Feud

Lyn has loved game shows her entire life.  Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have long been her favorites.  She also enjoys Family Feud, particularly with Steve Harvey as host.  Game shows are interactive for Lyn.  She will call out her answers just as much as she will cheer on the bull riders when she watches PBR.

Yesterday, while watching Family Feud, the question posed was "We asked 100 men what men like to watch other men do."  Before the answer is given on the television, Lyn offers up her answer with confidence and volume.  She yelled "Take off their clothes!"

Clearer proof that her brain is changing is not needed.  A few months ago, she would have been mortified by such a response.  She would have been mad last night if she had known of the gales of laughter her response provoked.


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